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The Flood - Hard Surface Modeling


The Flood

The Flood is a series focused on a world where global warming has gone unchecked. Ice caps have melted, sea levels have risen, and humans have developed technologies focused on combatting dangers that lurk around every corner, and in every wave. 


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The Project

Project Brief
A world ravaged by weather extremes, rising sea levels, food shortages, and floods. The Flood is a series of hard surface models that focuses on a world turned upside down by unstoppable climate change.


Initial Research
Thought maps were used to develop an idea of what a flooded future might entail. Eventually, three areas were focused on: survival in case of flooding, exploration of the deep sea, and transportation in a barren wasteland. 


The Flood: Survival

You're on the 30th floor of a 40 floor building. From your apartment you can see the huge wall that holds back the sea. A round plastic disc sits on your ceiling next to your smoke detector, a constant reminder that one day the walls might break. 

One night, they do. 


The Flood Pod is designed as an emergency pod in the event that the walls holding back the ocean break. One unit per person sits in a closet in nearly every home along the New East and New West coasts. The Flood Pods are designed to be entered and lived in for up to three days.

During the design process, other designs were referenced for their physical qualities. The pod needed to float, but not summersault, in order to protect inhabitants. Hasbro's Weeble toys provided inspiration for a weighted egg shape which could float - allowing for short-wave radio contact - without doing a 360 degree roll. 


The Final Design

The final design is composed of an exterior egg shaped shell which can fit one person. An emergency seating station with security straps sits in the center, and doubles as a waste facility by lifting the seat. A short wave radio behind the seat allows for transmission of distress signals, and can be used for communicating with rescue teams. First aid supplies and oxygen are also provided, as well as food rations and space for users to place books and other small items.


The Flood: Exploration

The sea has changed dramatically, rising to temperatures that make human exploration dangerous. Huge and terrible creatures have adapted to the high salinity and terrible weather. Attempts to send unmanned vehicles into the ocean have resulted in wasted time and money - all machines have been demolished by the creatures that rule the seas. 


The Whale is designed as a deep sea, unmanned exploration machine. Intended to blend in with other huge ocean dwellers, The Whale is designed based on humpback and blue whales. Able to dive to the very bottom of the ocean, The Whale is able to gather information on water temperatures, living creatures, and newly forming land masses near active underwater volcanoes. 


The Final Design

The final design is a whale-inspired deep sea exploration machine. Front and back fins, along with a flexible "spine," allow the machine to mimic animal movement. A hinged "jaw" allows for collection of water and biological sample collection. 


The Flood: Transportation


The midwest United States are dust and despair. Inhabited by many who fled the coasts, shelter is difficult to find and defend, while food has become an incredible commodity. The rule of law is almost completely absent, and dozens of groups of wandering "prophets" have begun traveling the desert warning of the doom housed in the sea. 

The Van is home to a wandering mystic who travels across the American midwest, prophesying the coming Great Flood. Living out of a stolen VW Bus, the prophet has been forced to board up windows and patch doors damaged by angry mobs encountered along his travels. 


The Final Design

Equipped with a roof rack for supplies, flood lights, and flags, The Van is prepared for its next cross-desert journey. Two flat tires might make leaving difficult, but there don't seem to be many starving mobs around.