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Print's Evolving Role in the Modern Enterprise

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Print's Evolving Role in the Modern Enterprise

Mimeo, a leader in online managed content distribution and printing, is one of the largest customers of Kodak's Print Systems Division. Each year, Mimeo publishes an industry report which takes stock of the print industry.


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Project Brief

The Client
Mimeo, a leader in online managed content distribution and printing, is one of the largest customers of Kodak's Print Systems Division. Servicing over 5,000 corporate customers, Mimeo's cloud based platform gives customers a simple way to create, manage, and distribute content for modern businesses.  

The Challenge
Mimeo needed a bold, stand-out look for their annual print report Print's Evolving Role in the Modern Enterprise, a publication focused on the value of combining print and digital media for professional settings. The design and illustrations needed to enhance the written portions while highlighting the capabilities of the Kodak NexPress printer, and serving as an inspiration for Mimeo's clients. 


Visual Approach

Type lead much of the design in this report. For headings and quotes, Eveleth Clean Regular provided a bold but friendly feeling. Bell MT Regular was used for body copy and pagination.  

Finding a color palette that would work across both print and digital media required careful thought. Eventually, we settled on colors which would read well on screen and which could be printed without streaking when used in large color blocks.


Design Process

The report needed to be sized so that clients and readers could personally print it without resizing. This kept the pages to a US Letter size. Each section of copy had a short amount of type, so a two column grid was used to efficiently showcase both text and illustration. 

After copy was completed, each section of text was separated into spreads to determine the total length of the report.


As copy was flowed into each spread, illustrations were sketched into the dummy proof. This allowed Mimeo to respond with changes rapidly, and let illustrations develop early before moving to final.

Illustrations were left loose, with expressive lines and simple textures to create dynamic and engaging visuals that could stand alone on each spread. 



The Report
Print's Evolving Role in the Modern Enterprise is a 42-page publication with unique illustrations on each of the 18 interior spreads, a cover illustration, and interior page layout design. 


The report will be printed and used by Mimeo's sales team, sent to some of Mimeo's clients, and will be used as a print sample by the Kodak PSD team.


The Animations
A series of animated gifs were created from the report illustrations with modified copy. These were used by Kodak as shareable social media posts to promote the report and shine a light on the state of print media.



Web Engagement
The final report was highlighted on Kodak's homepage and used in the PSD monthly newsletter, delivering the 2nd highest click through rate of all content pieces to date.

Social Media Engagement
Animated gifs posted on @kodakprint received higher-than-normal likes and retweets.

Printed Report
The printed report will be used by the Mimeo team this coming spring to inspire clients and display Mimeo's print capabilities.


Designed by Kodak
Kelly Mandarano | Project Manager
Director, World Wide Marketing and Communications PSD

James Bulmahn | Art Direction
Art Director, Chief Marketing Office

Shaemus Spencer | Design & Illustration
Designer, Chief Marketing Office

Written & Produced by Mimeo
Robert Byrne | Editor, Writer
Content Marketing Manager

Doug Bohaboy | Editor
VP Marketing

Lauren Davis | Writer
Content Writer

Deborah Lalehzar | Writer
Content Intern