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Harper's Ferry Brand System

Project Overview
Kodak's NexPress printers and print technologies allow clients to produce short run digital prints with incredible results. Using a fifth station in the printer, the NexPress can print with clear ink, white ink, dimensional ink, and more. To highlight the capabilities of the NexPress printer and to promote a new thick substrate expansion kit, a set of print samples were developed around the fictional outdoor company Harper's Ferry.

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Harper's Ferry Brand System

Kodak's NexPress printers and print technologies allow users to produce short run digital prints with incredible results. Kodak's EPS team needed a new set of print samples to highlight the NexPress's advanced capabilities.


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The Client

Kodak's Electrophotographic Printing Solutions (EPS) team needed a new set of print samples to highlight the strengths of the Kodak NexPress Platform. Working closely with the EPS team, a set of samples was developed that would provide an expansive look at the print capabilities of the printer, from its unique fifth unit stations to its thick substrate expansion and long sheet feeder. The samples were developed under the fictitious brand Harper's Ferry.

The Company

Harper's Ferry is a fictional company specializing in high-end outdoor gear. With stores across the east coast and in select locations in the midwest United States, Harper's Ferry provides gear for every outing, from winter hikes to summer climbs. Authenticity and grit are key components to the brand vision, and they pride themselves on carrying quality equipment. 


Visual Approach

Legibility and mood were key in selecting typefaces. The Metropolis family was used for headings and display type, while Crimson was used for body copy.

To highlight the NexPress's reproduction capabilities, an emphasis was put on sourcing rich and colorful photography. To create a cohesive brand look, photography was used that featured products, candid expressions, and expansive landscapes. 


The Mark

The Harper's Ferry mark is a monogram, using the initial letters in caps set in a set of squares. Useable as a white knockout on photography or as a color on white, the mark should never be printed below 1/2" inch in height or width. It should be used only in cases where the logo does not fit, or as a supplement to the full logo.

The Logo

The Harper's Ferry logo uses Metropolis Bold. Like the mark, it can be used as white on photography or in a color selected from a design. It should never be printed smaller than 1/2" in height. The logo can be used on its own or in conjunction with the mark.


The Samples: Catalogue

One of the advantages of Kodak's NexPress print technologies is the ability to produce high-quality, short run pieces that can be customized on an individual basis. To show this off, a catalogue mailer showcasing a line of fall and winter gear was created. In this sample, one spread in particular would give each recipient of the catalogue a unique barcode and text code for a sale price.


The Samples: Miscellaneous

A series of package and product designs helped showcase the fifth unit effects on the NexPress printer. These fifth units allow incredible customization and enhancement of print pieces, and include white ink, gold ink, dimensional ink, clear ink, gamut expansion for hitting specific Pantone colors, and light black, which allows for a richer range of darks and lights. Several of these samples were also printed on thick, synthetic substrates, each of which have unique qualities that improve a printed piece's usefulness and longevity.

Book covers for a publication highlighting outing events and areas specific to a store location, to be produced bi-annually. 
Clothing tag for a dual-lined fall jacket. Printed tags use gold ink to highlight key information.
Door hanger for the hospitality industry advertising an event for a specific Harper's Ferry location.
Blister pack design for a flashlight which comes in a variety of colors, using the short run print capabilities to produce several colors of packaging.
Menu for a store specific dining area. Each Harper's Ferry store carries food sourced from growers and producers in their area. Uses a spot gloss over the topographical map to add visual interest and specificity - menus at different locations will use topography from their own area.
Business cards for a store manager. Printed cards use clear dimensional ink to create a memorable tactile experience.
Jacket advertisement.
Double-sided tents used to promote seasonal menu items. Printed on a synthetic substrate that is safe to use around foods.
Packaging designed for a compass. Dimensional ink is used in key areas to create a unique experience and to elevate the quality.
Endcap signage for a store specific sale. This printed piece uses the long-sheet feed capabilities of the NexPress, printing at 28 inches in length.
Point of sale shelf talker.

Design Team
James Bulmahn | Art Direction
Art Director, Chief Marketing Office

Shaemus Spencer | Visual Strategy & Design
Designer, Chief Marketing Office

Project Direction Team
Craig Westervelt
Director: Strategy, Print Systems Division Marketing

Greg Gresock
VP Product Management, EPS & PSD