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Commute - Mobile App Design



Getting to work every day can often mean checking multiple sources for critical information. Commute is a mobile app concept that shows real-time, personalized travel information all in one place.


Creative Disciplines
UI/UX Design
Design Strategy
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The Project

The Problem
No matter how you get to work, certain information is critical but constantly changing. Weather can dictate outfits for outdoor workers. Traffic can cause steep delays. Changing meeting sites can make route selection difficult. In order to get critical information, it might take three or four apps or services, and you probably have to check them several times before leaving for work. Often this information is not specific to each person, but is more general, and does not update in real-time.

Commute's Goals
Commute is an app concept meant to simplify getting to work. By gathering user-specific information on work hours, routes, and travel types, Commute provides real-time information to help the modern employee get to work on time without disruption.


Target Audience & Personas

Commute is an app designed for people who have some planning involved in their morning commute. Whether they take a car through a congested and accident prone area, they use a public transit system and need updates on delays, or if their office consists of multiple locations and they need updates on the most efficient route, Commute exists to provide real-time, personal travel data. 


Persona 1

Marlie Truell. 22. New York City.
Marlie is a design consultant with clients across New York City.
Her commute changes from day-to-day, and she relies on public transport to get around.

Needs & Wants
Updates on metro conditions and delays
When to leave her current location to arrive at her destination on time
Updated appointments with location details

“My appointments take me all over the city. I need one place to find my client’s information,
routes, potential delays, and weather conditions.”


Persona 2

User Info
James Pruden. 45. Rochester, New York.
James commutes from the suburbs to downtown Rochester, NY daily by car.
He knows his route well and does not like changing his morning routine.

Needs & Wants
Real-time updates on traffic conditions and potential delays
Detailed alternate routes in case of major traffic delays

“I need to know about major delays that might make me late to work.”


Persona 3

Susan Lee. 33. Elkins, West Virginia.
Susan is a construction site foreman and works outside almost every day, in different locations,
and her hours change from week-to-week.

Needs & Wants
Weather information for specific construction locations
Efficient routes to construction sites
The ability to get real-time data based on her changing work hours

“My workplace changes almost daily. I need to know  a lot about the location to prepare for my day.”


Information Architecture


Visual Approach

All type in Commute is in the Sharp Sans Display family. This typeface provided a variety of weights to establish a visual hierarchy, and reads well on-screen at all needed sizes. Sharp Sans Display also provided an approachable feel that was welcoming, rather than commanding, and delivered critical information quickly.

Key colors for Commute were deep blue and an aquamarine. Secondary colors were soft grays that could house information and build a hierarchy. For critical information, times, and tags, bright reds and yellows were used to contrast the softer blues.


Low-Fi Wireframes


Hi-Fi Wireframes


Logo & Icon Design


Final Screens